Article 1. General Provisions

  1. These Regulations of Internet Shop (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") define the terms and conditions of shopping in the Internet shop available in the domain (hereinafter referred to as "E-shop") and providing services by electronic means in the scope of operating an account referred to in Article 2(5).

  2. The Seller is Innwell spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Poznan (60-451), ul. Dąbrowskiego 506/113, entered in the register of entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for Poznań - Nowe Miasto i Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Department of the National Court Register, under the KRS number: 0000626697, holding the NIP (Tax Identification Number): 7811930340 , with the share capital of PLN 100,000; e-mail: tel. 666 700 883.

  3. In order to use the E-shop, it is necessary to be equipped with a device with Internet access and a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari in its valid version. An active electronic mail (e-mail) account is required to use some of the functionalities of the E-shop, including registration as well as to place orders for Products.

Article 2. Clients and registration

  1. Only entrepreneurs may be clients of the E-shop. Any actions executed on behalf of the Clients may be performed only by persons duly authorised in this respect.

  2. In order to facilitate the use of the E-shop functionalities, the Client may register (create an Account) by filling in an electronic form available on the E-shop website. The creation and use of the account are free of charge. It is not required to set up a Client’s account to make a purchase.

  3. As a result of a correctly completed registration, the Client shall receive an access to the account created for it, which it can use in the E-shop after providing its e-mail address and password (logging in), as submitted during the registration.

  4. The agreement for the provision of services by electronic means in the scope of account maintenance is concluded between the Client and the Seller upon obtaining by the Client of the access to the account created for it.

  5. In case of any changes in the data entered in the account, the Client is obliged to update it immediately. The Client is responsible for indicating incomplete, outdated or untrue data or the lack of appropriate updates to its data.

  6. The transfer of rights and obligations related to the Account may take place only in the case of disposal of the whole enterprise or a part thereof by the Client to another entrepreneur, after presentation to the E-Shop of documents confirming the disposal in the above mentioned scope.

  7. The Client is not permitted to allow other persons to use the Account, including the disclosure of the password used for accessing the Account. The Client is obliged to keep the password to the Account confidential and protect it against disclosure. The Client is obliged to notify the Seller immediately if the access data to the Account have been taken over by third parties and explain the circumstances of such takeover.

  8. Clients who do not have a registered account while shopping will be required to provide the delivery address, i.e. the recipient's details, the delivery address - for the purpose of performing the sales contract as well as an e-mail address and a mobile phone number - for contact regarding the performance of the delivery.

  9. In the case of violation of the Regulations, provisions of law or good practices by the Client, the Seller may terminate the agreement with the Client or suspend its performance within the specific Account. In particular, it shall apply to the situation where the Client has downloaded or used the materials available in the E-shop to any extent in the absence of the relevant consent of the E-shop.

  10. Any aggregation and processing of data and other information available in the E-shop for the purpose of their further sharing with third parties through other Internet and non-Internet services is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use any markings belonging to the Seller, including characteristic elements of graphics, without the consent of the Seller or another entity authorised to grant such a consent.

  11. In the event of justified concerns about the security of the Account or transactions carried out through it, in particular in the event of unauthorised takeover of the Account, the E-shop may:

a)      make the use of the Account dependent on the confirmation by the Client of its credibility, by means of relevant documents,

b)      restrict an access to the particular Account functionalities temporarily,

c)       suspend (deactivate) the Account for a definite or indefinite period.

  1. The Account shall be maintained for the Client for an indefinite period. The Client may at any time demand termination of the Account by submitting a declaration using the relevant electronic form available in the E-shop.

Article 3. Orders

  1. E-Shop publishes information about products (hereinafter referred to as the “Products”) including the terms and conditions of their purchase and delivery. For the avoidance of doubt, this information does not constitute an offer but only an invitation to submit offers with the content indicated in the Product information. On the other hand, the Client's selection of the Products and confirmation of the willingness to purchase them shall constitute an offer to enter into an agreement for the purchase of Products indicated (hereinafter referred to as the “Order”).

  2. Clients other than natural persons pursuing business activity may place an Order only if the purchase of the Product is of professional nature for them.

  3. The Client shall select the Products by adding selected Products to the (virtual) cart. Placing Products in the cart is not associated with their reservation. If the quantity of available Products is exhausted before the Order is accepted by the Client, the Seller reserves that the Order will not be accepted for execution.

  4. After the selection of Products and before choosing the method of payment, the Client is obliged to indicate a full and correct shipping address and telephone number which should not be changed until the time of delivery. The delivery address may be changed only in extraordinary circumstances after arrangement with the Seller and before handing over the Products to the carrier for delivery.

  5. After the Client has placed an Order and chosen the payment method, the Client shall receive the confirmation of submission of the Order from the Seller via electronic mail. Following the acceptance of the Order by the Seller, the Client shall receive an adequate message. Upon receipt of that message by the Client, a sales agreement is concluded between the Seller and the Client. If only a part of the Order has been confirmed, the agreement is concluded only for the Products confirmed.

  6. If the Seller is unable to deliver the service as a whole or partially due to the fact that the Product is not available or, due to unforeseen circumstances, it was not delivered to the Seller or it was damaged or lost, the Seller shall notify the Client immediately and return the received price or provide a replacement service of the same value as the price paid - at the Client's choice and upon the Client's consent.

Article 4. Payment

  1. Payments are made by the Client to the account number provided or using electronic payment methods made available by a specialised payment institution the Seller has concluded an agreement with.

  2. The price of the Product specified in the Product description is the net price. The price does not include the costs of transport and delivery of the Products, the amount of which is indicated separately.

  3. The purchase of the Product is documented by issuing a VAT invoice. The Client agrees to receive by electronic means, to the e-mail address indicated by it during the Registration, an electronic image of the billing documents, in particular such as: VAT invoices with attachments, including correcting VAT invoices.

Article 5. Delivery of Products

  1. The venue of performance of the sales agreement by the Seller is the place where the Product will be collected (and in case of any doubts, the place where the Product should be collected as indicated by the Client).

  2. The time and cost of shipment of the Products ordered is indicated in the summary of the Order. The shipping time provided includes working days. If the Client has purchased multiple Products under one Order and the Products have different delivery times, they will be delivered together when completed, i.e. within the longest of the shipment times stated for each Product.

  3. The Products shall be shipped exclusively to addresses located in the territory of the Republic of Poland as well as to countries the Seller has indicated and for which it has specified a separate delivery cost. If such a possibility exists and subject to a separate arrangement with the Client, the Seller may also send the Products to countries other than those specified in E-Shop.

  4. The Products shall be delivered by specialised carriers. The Seller informs the Client about the details of the Delivery, in particular, which of the carriers will deliver the consignment, including a link to track the stages of its delivery by electronic mail.

  5. The Client is obliged to check the condition of the Product or, if this is difficult, the condition of the consignment (packaging) immediately after the delivery of the consignment. In case of detecting any damage that may arise in transport, the Client should draw up a relevant damage report and notify the Seller immediately.

  6. The Seller shall not be liable for the failure to deliver the Product for reasons attributable to the Client - e.g. due to the indication of an incorrect or incomplete delivery address that prevents delivery of the consignment. Under such circumstances, the Seller shall notify the Client of a failed attempt to deliver the Product.

Article 6. Personal Data Protection

  1. The Seller is the controller of personal data of the Clients and persons indicated by the Clients.

  2. Personal data shall be processed by the Seller in accordance with the provisions of law and exclusively for the purposes related to the activities of the Seller within E-shop, including the conclusion and execution of sales agreements (handling of Product sales transactions, communication with Clients and handling complaints) as well as for the purpose of archiving the transactions.

  3. Personal data shall be processed on the basis of: a) the Client's acceptance of the Regulations (in the course of creating an account or placing an Order), b) the necessity to perform an agreements for the Client, or c) the Controller's legitimate interest (e.g. defence against claims or, in the case of third party data provided by Clients - indication of an address for delivery of other person).

  4. The provision of personal data to the Seller is voluntary, however, the failure to provide certain personal data may be associated with the difficulty or impossibility of concluding a sales agreement, its effective performance or ensuring adequate after-sales service.

  5. The recipients of personal data shall be persons acting on behalf of the Seller, responsible for the processing and execution of orders placed by Clients as well as for after-sales service (e.g. resolving the complaints) and entities providing services to the Seller related to the execution of orders (e.g. post companies or courier companies). Recipients may also include entities authorised to receive data under the applicable law, including competent judicial authorities.

  6. Personal data may be transferred to third countries (countries other than European Union Member States) in connection with the delivery of Products ordered by the Seller.

  7. Personal data shall be stored for the period necessary to process orders or maintain the Client's account in E-shop. After this period, data may be processed on the basis of: legal obligations of the Seller (e.g. to keep accounting documents), or legitimate interest (defence against claims that may be pursued against the Seller).

  8. The Seller shall ensure that persons whose personal data it processes can exercise the rights arising from the provisions of law, including the right to access, rectify, change, delete or transfer their personal data and, moreover, the right to claim a restriction of personal data processing and to object to such processing under the terms of applicable regulations. Furthermore, in the case of voluntary consent to data processing, any person whose data are processed has the right to withdraw his/her consent to data processing. Each data subject shall also be authorised to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for the Protection of Personal Data.

  9. Personal data pertaining to Clients and other persons whose data were reported by the Client are protected by the Seller against their disclosure to unauthorised persons as well as other cases of their disclosure or loss or unauthorised modification of the indicated data and information by applying appropriate technical and organisational safeguards.

  10. In any matters concerning the processing of personal data other than settled in the Regulations, the relevant provisions of the Privacy Policy shall apply, the provisions of which are available on the website

  11. The controller has appointed the Data Protection Supervisor who can be contacted by e-mail in any matters concerning personal data processing.

Article 7. Complaint procedure

  1. The Client may lodge a complaint against the Seller, in particular in the case of non-compliance of the Product with the agreement or Product defects as well as if the Seller's actions are performed improperly or inconsistently with the provisions of the Regulations.

  2. The complaint can be submitted electronically via the contact form available on the website of the E-shop or by e-mail or in writing to the address of the Seller.

  3. The complaint should contain: the Client's registration data, contact details, description of the transaction the complaint refers to or other circumstances justifying the complaint as well as the specific request of the Client related to the complaint. If the complaint refers to a Product, the Product subject to the complaint must be submitted together with the complaint and confirmation of its purchase.

  4. If the data or information provided in the complaint need to be supplemented, before the complaint is considered, the Seller shall ask the Client lodging the complaint to supplement it in the scope indicated.

  5. The Seller shall examine the complaint within 14 days as of the date of its receipt. The Client will receive information on the way of handling the complaint in a manner consistent with its wishes (e.g. by electronic mail, to the address provided by him it through registration or in writing). In the case of rejection of the complaint, the Seller shall notify the Client thereof, giving reasons for this decision.

  6. When it is possible to replace or repair the Product, the Seller shall notify the Client thereof and provide any information concerning the further course of the proceedings. In the case justifying the reimbursement of the price, the amount due for the Product purchased by the Client will be refunded within 14 days after the Seller receives the return of this Product.

  7. The Seller shall not accept any returns of COD shipments.

  8. The Client has a possibility to appeal against the Seller's decision concerning the complaint lodged.

  9. The price paid by the Client shall be reimbursed in a manner corresponding to the payment method for the Product selected by the Client.

  10.  In the remaining scope, the Seller's liability under the warranty for product defects shall be excluded.

Article 8. Final Provisions

  1. The Seller reserves the right to amend the Regulations in the event of:

    1. the occurrence of important technical and organisational reasons, such as the emergence of new technologies and IT systems that affect the operation of E-shop;

    2. amendments to generally applicable legal regulations;

    3. the need to adapt the Regulations to the positions of court judgements or administrative decisions, if the content of these positions of rulings and decisions indicates an obligation to amend the Regulations;

    4. whereas the amendments to the Regulations will not: (i) trigger the requirement of payment of remuneration or additional amounts by the Client, (ii) violate the essence of the agreements concluded, (iii) apply to Orders already placed.

  2. The Seller will notify the Client about the amendments to the Regulations no later than 7 days before the proposed date of entry into force of the amendments by informing about it on the E-shop website.

  3. An amendment to the Regulations shall become effective on the date indicated in the notification, unless the Client submits a declaration to the address: confirming the lack of its consent to the amended provisions of the Regulations to be binding on it, which will be tantamount to the termination of the agreement for the provision of electronic services in the scope of maintenance of the Account.

  4. The Clients are forbidden to use graphic elements (including the "Innwell" trademark), the layout and the composition of the E-shop website, graphic elements as well as other intellectual property rights, without the express written consent of the Seller.

  5. The law governing the sales agreements between the Client and the Seller under the terms and conditions set out in the Regulations shall be the Polish law.

  6. Any disputes that arise in connection with the application of these Regulations between the Client and the Seller shall be settled by a competent common court in Poznań.